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​         Vitaliy BILYY




  • Vitaly Bilyy performed the assignment with dignity in a dark, smooth baritone of the proper proportions and liquid skill. He was gripped if not maddened by his passion, and he has mastered the flow of Verdian line...  ("GBOPERA")                             

  •   "Bilyy's voice has a pleasant weight, the right mixture of heft and lightness..."( "The Opera Tattler")                

  • "Fidèle des lieux, le baryton Vitaliy Bilyy assume avec bravoure ce rôle impitoyable de Macbeth, d’une voix léonine d’une admirable puissance rageuse, tonitruante et terrible. ("Olyrix")                                                                                                                     

  • "Ukrainian baritone Vitaliy Bilyy sings superbly as Giorgio Germont, his voice firm, strong and authoritative. He gives us a patrician, granite-like figure, less fatherly than is sometimes the case, a determined one-eyed man initially, who sees no irony in saying to Violetta: “Don’t let the roses of love turn to misery”, speaking of his daughter. His gradual remorse is convincingly done and he and Car are well matched vocally."( "limelight")                                                          

  • "His love rival, Count di Luna, is sung by Vitaliy Bilyy with confidence, ease and an impressive vocal technique; he also demonstrates great stage presence and is dressed appropriately in a long dark coat. " ("Plays To See" International Theatre Reviews)

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